Exploring Instructional Designs

EDUC6115 Week 1 Blog Assignment

This week I had to create my own blog and prepare to contribute to other bloggers on instructional design.  I found this task to be informative, a little overwhelming (with the amount of blogs), refreshing, and quite the learning experience…

The first blog I came across is from Teacher Rogers… Face-to-face to Online Course Development Checklist.   She listed a wide ranging variety of questions to ask and answer for preparing for online courses for the first time. This is especially insightful to me because my college is preparing to launch online classes for our business and nursing students.  By having questions and answers, I can be able to address the concerns of the curriculum and methods of assessments in a professional manner… I will definitely utilize and consult with this blog for further insights and understandings. http://teacherrogers.wordpress.com/

The next blog I encountered was, Curriculum Design & Instructional Design: Independent, yet intertwined.  Wow… This excited me because I have a degree in Curriculum & Instruction, and now I’m pursuing a degree in Instructional Design!  The author Favazzo goes into some detail about both disciplines about how they are intertwined, different, and how closely they relate to one another.  I’ve peeked at some of his previous blog posts and just by the comments alone, I know that I can gain valuable insights to this field… Exciting!  http://nickfavazzo.wordpress.com/2014/09/01/curriculum-design-instructional-design-independent-yet-intertwined/

The 3rd blog I came across was Top Skills for Learning Design, the writer is an educational technologist and he calls himself an EdTechnologist.  He gives key insightful points on implementing ID… from the aesthetics, marketing to storytelling, user experience to learning theories.  He simply puts as technology rapidly changes, so must our designing, learning, and understanding.  Always doing the same thing, the same way, which yields the same results will not work effectively and efficiently in the ever changing and evolving technical world we live in. http://edtechnologist.com/2014/09/07/top-skills-for-learning-design/

I found all of these and more blogs to be valuable tools to refer to on my education journey.  Learning comes in different forms and can be obtained in a variety of places.  Having an open mind to receive them is half the battle…

Learning and growing.


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