Termed the learning theory for the digital age… our digital age living and keeping up in the 21st Century.  Technology has advanced in leaps and bounds, as what was once unheard of or un-thought of is now possible and often leaves us astounded.  I have reflected on growing up as a child and young adult.  The technological resources available during the 70’s through the late 80’s were indeed limited, however, the information was there, just had to go the extra mile to get/find it.

My learning network support system falls directly under connectivism as learning can occur through different mediums, such as web searches, conversations in social networking forums and the like.  The digital tool that best facilitate learning for me is the internet as a whole.  There is a wealth of search engines that house different types or classifications of information. (i.e., school virtual library, Google, etc.)  My network has changed the way I learn, as the different resources are available anytime and anywhere, I can even access it through my smart phone.       (Figure below is my network learning connections)


When I have questions when learning new material, I read all information about the topic, (i.e., text books, journals, blogs, etc.) I ask my instructor for clarification, I could do a web search, and I can also ask others in my social network as I have access to many people with vast and diverse backgrounds.

Connectivism connects us in all types of ways in this digital learning age.  Technology is all around us, and many children are taking this digital learning to new heights.  Taking advantage of these mediums helps to broaden our spectrum of learning and keeps us abreast of the new technological advances practically at our fingertips!

Still Learning and Growing.


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