When I started this journey, I knew that I was a kinesthetic, visual, and auditory learner.  I knew that I was a combination of all three. I learned that my learning style depicts that of cognitive, behavioral, and conditioning.  Over this course’s journey, I have explored many different learning theories some of which I agree on and some I did not.  After thinking and formulating, I come up with the same conclusion, the way I learn has not changed at all. I understand my learning behaviors a little more, but the way I learn remains the same.  In the article by Gilbert & Swainer, learning styles do fluctuate from person to person, but each learner fluctuates in their personal learning styles as well.  I know that I need repetition and conditioning when I have to commit something to memory, or to recall for testing.  I need to visually see and understand something before I have totally learned it.  As Aristotle once stated, you haven’t fully learned/understand something until you have to tell it or show someone else.  Thinking you actually know something is quite different until you have to explain it.  My learning style is still quite the same.  As like most adults, we learn by recollections and past experiences.

Technology has and still is playing a major part of my learning, as it is so widely available on different platforms.  I am learning to ‘search’ for information better now without getting sidetracked and having my ‘search’ get sidetracked with additional information that is not needed with what I am searching.  I am also learning different ways of storing and utilizing storage applications like cloud and dropbox.  I have also utilized Quizlet, an online testing and quiz site that I was able to use during the last class that I taught.

On this journey of learning, we all learn differently, and we all learn with different theories intertwined with each other.  I have learned to embrace how I learn, and continue to recognize and try new theories on how to do things differently.

Absolutely, Still Learning & Growing!


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