When I started this journey, I knew that I was a kinesthetic, visual, and auditory learner.  I knew that I was a combination of all three. I learned that my learning style depicts that of cognitive, behavioral, and conditioning.  Over this course’s journey, I have explored many different learning theories some of which I agree […]


Termed the learning theory for the digital age… our digital age living and keeping up in the 21st Century.  Technology has advanced in leaps and bounds, as what was once unheard of or un-thought of is now possible and often leaves us astounded.  I have reflected on growing up as a child and young adult.  […]

Problem Solved?

EDUC6115 Week 2 Blog Assignment In week 2 of my Learning Theories and Instruction class, we focused our attentions on the brain and how we learn and think about thinking and learning. How our brains process and store information for later recall (or not!)  Cognitively speaking, the way our brain responds to schema is how […]

Exploring Instructional Designs

EDUC6115 Week 1 Blog Assignment This week I had to create my own blog and prepare to contribute to other bloggers on instructional design.  I found this task to be informative, a little overwhelming (with the amount of blogs), refreshing, and quite the learning experience… The first blog I came across is from Teacher Rogers… […]


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